About Me

I was born in Yogyakarta-Indonesia and you can called me Denni.

I got Bachelor Degree from Geodetic-Geomatic Engineering ,Gadjah Mada University with GPA 3.50 and I got also English Diploma from Sanatha Dharma University with GPA 3.00 .

My first career started at PT Elnusa when I was 22 years old.
I have worked at PT. Elnusa and Joint Operation Elnusa - Nordic Maritime as Geodetic Engineering for 1 year , then I have worked at Joint Venture Elnusa - CGG Veritas Seismic (ECS) as Seismic Navigator for 2 years. Then I have worked at CGG as  Seismic Navigator for 4 years.

Because of the downturn in Oil and Gas Industry, currently I am working as Freelance Navigator at BGP Marine and Indonesian Licensed Cadastre Surveyor (BPN) for Yogyakarta,

My other Business  are Betterlife Fitness and Blue Pacific Boarding House in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

I have dreams in my life which are continues my Master degree in Magister Management, Businessman in Property, Health and Education, Work as Chief Navigator , and Travelling with my wife around the world.

My skills are 2D,3D,4D Seismic Survey,WAZ, Undershoot, TZ/Shallow water, OBN, Land Seismic Survey, DGPS, Remote Sensing, GIS, and Enterpreneurship.

If you want to contact me, please send email to :