About Me

I was born in Yogyakarta-Indonesia and you can called me Denni.

I got Bachelor Degree from Geodetic-Geomatic Engineering-Gadjah Mada University with GPA 3.50, English Diploma from Sanatha Dharma University with GPA 3.00, and Licensed Cadastre Surveyor Profession from National Land Agency (BPN).

My first career started with PT Elnusa when I was 22 years old, Then I worked with  Joint Operation Elnusa-Nordic as Seismic Navigator for 1 year, then I worked with Joint Venture Elnusa-CGGVeritas Seismic (ECS) as Seismic Navigator for 2 years. Then I worked with CGG-Marine as  Seismic Navigator for 4 years. Then I worked with BGP-Marine as Seismic Navigator for 1 year.

Currently I am working as Seismic Navigator at Axxis Geo Solutions (AGS) and I am member of Indonesian Licensed Cadastre Surveyor in Yogyakarta.

My other Business  are Betterlife Fitness, Blue Pacific Boarding House, and Rent property in Yogyakarta-Indonesia.

I have dreams which are continues my Master degree in Magister Management, Businessman in Property, Health and Education, Work as Excellent Navigator , and Travelling with my wife around the world.

My skills are 2D,3D,4D Seismic Survey, WAZ, Undershoot, TZ/Shallow water, OBN, OBC, Land Seismic, DGPS, Remote Sensing, GIS, and Enterpreneurship.

If you want to contact me, please send email to :